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shiv shakti kavach
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Shiv Shakti Kavach
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Shiv shakti kavach -Supreme Power brings Health & Wealth

Shiva shakti kavach to get blessings of lord shiva. This kavach is extreamely helpful to eliminate fear of death, grave dangers, fatal diseases and to make one courageous and healthy. It also bestows the person with wealth, health and happiness, fame & good fortune. The shiv shakti kavach is a mode of making the disciples connect with their lord shiva, to communicate their desires, worries and distress, to let them give in to the Supreme Power that would bring them health, wealth and prosperity. Lord Shiva image on one side & Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra on the other side which is the most powerful yantra for attaining health & wealth. This kavach when worn creates an aura of security around you, your home, business & Vehicle.One must wears lord shiva shakti kawach to get blessings of lord shiva.
The Shiv Shakti Kavach Package Includes:-

Shiv shakti kavach: It is made of 24 carot gold foil with lord shiva’s incredible picture on one side while ‘mahamrityunjai yantra on the other side.
The kavach is made after several years of Devotion, prayers and efforts that a number of renowned astrologers have put in to give the extreme power to the kavach that is possess.
This Shiv kavach change the life of many people such as Person who are in job now, running their own Business
.Students who just want to get pass in exam they got Distinction this has happened with many peoples.
Shiv Skati Grah Kavach: The Shiv shakti grah kavach works on these negative vibes around one’s house and ensure that the air around not only gets positive but, it also possess and preserve the financial, physical and mental status of the family members.
Shiv Shakti Vyapar Kavach:The shiv shakti vyapar kavach with true blessings of lord shiva would enhance one’s chances of winning & It also boast positive energy and do wonders in bringing financial stability.
Shiv Shakti Vahan Kavach: This kavach is specially made to keep you away from unhappening things such as accident, injury, illness & it acts as a protective shield for you while you are in a journey.
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5/16/2012 1:12:40 AM


plz call me for more details of shree dhan laxmi yantra


1/27/2012 5:37:07 AM


Ji, Please let me know procedure for wearing shiva sakthi kavach. thanks regards ramachandran.m


10/28/2010 3:16:06 AM


process to wear Shiva shakti kavach . pls mail sop on my mail

pallavi kapoor

9/7/2010 4:20:30 AM


I am very happy to give a true review about this side. A month before i purchased a Shiv Kavach for my Hubby and seriously our whole family, friends were very happy to see him healthy and with this he also get a big contract from new jersey a week ago thanks for this lovely product. God Bless u.. Pallavi Kapoor, Usa
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i believed bicoz i have seen practical benefits from this Shani Raksha kavach. I seriously recommend to all having personal problem in their life. Thank you so much.
Mohit, Bangalore
I'm looking for a geniune Ek-mukhi rudraksh. I am very happy that I come to right place and my relationship with my husband was very good & after wearing this my husband really understand me.I wish that I found this earlier. Thankyou AllKavach.com
Poonam, Faridabad